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Upcoming seminars will be promoted here:

A new seminar with Moshe Katz will most probably be arranged in late October 2019!


More info will come!

Past seminars:

The 20-21 of October 2018, we arranged our 10.! seminar with Moshe Katz This was a mixture of IKI Kickboxing, and IKI Krav Maga. Another great seminar!

The 28-29 of October 2017, we arranged another great seminar with IKI and Moshe Katz 6.dan

The 5-6 of September 2015 was our 8. another great seminar with IKI Krav Maga and Moshe Katz 6.dan 

The 22-23 of March 2014, we arranged seminar with Moshe Katz, IKI Krav Maga.

April the 20-21 2013 we arranged another great seminar.

October  13-14-2012 we arranged our most successful seminar yet.

January 14-15-2012 seminar with Moshe Katz. excellent as usual!

August the 26-27-2011 -   IKI Norway arranged a Seminare with Moshe Katz. This was a great success as always! People showed up even from Denmark. We also had representatives from Krav Maga Oslo (Norway), and they where all very pleased.

January the 15-16-2011 -  IKI Norway, arranged a Seminare with Moshe Katz. This was a great success!

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